T-Bone Collision

A t-bone collision is a serious accident that has severe consequences for the victims of the accident. As the name suggests, this type of collision takes place when one vehicle strikes another at a perpendicular angle, meaning that the two vehicles meet in a “T” shape. The vehicle struck from the side is the one that will likely have the passengers with the worst injuries, if for no reason other than the fact that vehicles have the least amount of impact protection on the sides as opposed to the front and back. While most modern passenger vehicles have side-impact airbags and other mechanisms in order to increase the protection provided, there is very little material between the passenger and the oncoming vehicle, meaning that a significant amount of the force is transferred upon impact.

These crashes happen when there is a violation of traffic laws by one of the vehicles, generally from one driver ignoring a yield sign, stop sign, or traffic light. While it is expected that the driver who violates the law is the one who will be driving into the side of the vehicle who is following the laws, it may also be the case that the driver who cuts the light or sign is the one who is struck on the side. It is unfortunately common for the driver and passenger who were following the traffic laws to suffer the most serious injuries in this accident since they are most likely to be struck from the side.

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Common Injuries in a T-Bone Collision

While no two accidents are exactly alike, many accidents fall into specific categories and therefore have a pattern of injuries that can be expected as a result. A t-bone collision is no different, and while your injuries may not include all of the following injuries mentioned, or may look entirely different altogether, the below injuries are quite common in these types of crashes:


Whiplash is an extremely common injury in car accidents of all types that results from the head being jerked in an “S” motion as the force of the collision is transferred through the body. This causes the spine, neck and back muscles and tendons, as well as cartilage, ligaments, and discs to rapidly compress and expand in a way that causes many different rips, tears, and ruptures. Symptoms may not show themselves immediately because the soft tissues will take some time to tighten, but can include things like stiff neck, headaches, back pain, trouble sleeping, jaw pain, and more.

The moment that you suspect you have suffered from whiplash, it is strongly recommended that you see a doctor to begin the proper treatment immediately.


Lacerations can range from things like scrapes to major cuts from broken glass or impact with hard surfaces. There are many different risks that come with a serious laceration, including extensive blood loss, infection, severe scarring, and more. Bleeding must be treated immediately, with field dressing and pressure until an EMT is able to attend to it.

Broken and Fractured Bones

Fractures are very common in a t-bone collision since the impact will likely throw all passengers into the side of the vehicle, against other passengers, against the seatbelt, and many other possible situations. A fracture may indicate additional injuries such as internal bleeding, and in the event of a compound fracture can also include puncture wounds and external blood loss.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

Traumatic brain injuries are sometimes known as “silent killers,” because they may not have any physical symptoms that will tip a victim of those around them of a serious problem until it is too late. These include things like hemorrhaging, concussions, blood clots, and more. If you suspect at all that you have suffered from a head injury, you should see a doctor as soon as possible to have the appropriate scans taken and the best treatment options put into motion immediately. A TBI can cause long-term and even permanent damage, and in some cases even death.

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