Whiplash Injury Lawyer Fresno

Whiplash is a type of soft tissue injury. It can occur when your neck ligaments or muscles are suddenly strained or torn. Often, whiplash injury is caused by car accidents and other forceful impact accidents.

As with many other injuries, whiplash can be quite painful. It can keep you from living your life the way you want to. You might need to take days off from work or be unable to take care of your household. If you’re living with the consequences of whiplash, you’re going to need help. Here at the Grossman Law Offices, we can work towards getting you the financial support you need. By filing a personal injury claim, we can help you get the compensation you deserve for your accident.

How Does Whiplash Happen?

Whiplash occurs when your neck moves back and forth at a rapid rate. In fact, the movement is so quick that it resembles the motion of a cracking whip.

This type of injury is most common in rear-end car accidents. However, it can happen during other traumatic incidents. An assault, slip and fall, or workplace accident could also cause whiplash.

Common Injury in Car Accidents

Generally, individuals with whiplash have stiffness, neck pain, and headaches. They can experience a relief of symptoms in as little as a few weeks. But in some cases, the pain and discomfort are more permanent. There are people who experience chronic neck pain and other serious issues after whiplash.

How Common is It?

Whiplash is more common than you might imagine. Because it can happen during a collision in vehicles in vehicles going as slow as five miles per hour, many car accident victims experience the injury.

In 2017, Fresno was ranked as the 15th worst city for driving in the United States. Anyone on the road can be in an accident, and there is a high possibility of whiplash for those who are in accidents.

What is the Treatment Like?

There is no singular protocol for treating whiplash. Rather, there are several different ways of treating the injury. Your doctor might suggest long-term rehabilitation therapy or medications. If your injury is serious, the treatment period could last for months.

Often, people struggle to properly treat their whiplash. In their attempt to pick up the pieces from the accident, they neglect their own health. They might not have the time or the money to see a doctor for treatment.

For that reason, you should consider working with an attorney. They can handle the insurance company and other issues while you focus on your recovery. And instead of worrying about finances, you can use your personal injury claim to pay for your medical care and missed wages.

When Do You Need an Attorney?

The first thing you should do after an accident is to seek medical attention. Regardless of the type of accident you were in, there’s a chance you could have whiplash. It could take weeks to even be aware of the injury. A doctor can determine the extent of your injuries and the required treatment.

By seeing a doctor, you’ll also start a paper trail. If a negligent act caused your accident and injury, you can seek compensation. An attorney can file a personal injury claim. In the event that the claim is successful, you would receive money for accident-related expenses. This could include your missed wages, medical expenses, and pain and suffering.

Although whiplash isn’t always a result of another’s negligence, it can be. By speaking with an attorney, you can find out whether or not negligence caused your injury. You can also learn about the next steps you need to take to seek compensation.

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