Rollover Accidents

A rollover accident can be the most dangerous and unpredictable type of accident that someone can go through for a variety of reasons. For starters, the tumbling motion of the car means that the passengers are thrown in every possible direction, and the safety systems in even the safest of passenger vehicles cannot possibly predict and mitigate all of these issues. In addition to the rolling motion of the vehicle, there are many other factors such as the speed of the vehicle, the geography of the surrounding area, any obstacles that the vehicle may collide with, and more. As a result, these types of crashes have consistently higher mortality rates than most other types of car accidents

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How Does a Rollover Accident Happen?

There are a variety of different ways that a rollover can happen on a vehicle, but the most common rollovers are a result of a combination of speed and colliding with low obstacles that can cause the vehicle to overturn. In some cases the obstacle may simply be friction, and as the vehicle travels at a high enough speed and turns sideways while braking can be overturned and go into a full roll. Depending on the speed, the vehicle may do a half of a roll (ending on the roof), a full roll (ending back on the wheels), or may be turned onto the side. The vehicle may turn over multiple times before coming to a stop in one of these positions. 

Just like the actual speed, direction, and revolutions of the vehicle, the cause of the accident itself is fairly unpredictable. The only important detail of “how” is that the vehicle was moving at a certain speed or in a certain direction, and was turned on its side past the center of gravity. 

What To Do After a Rollover Accident

The most important thing to do after an accident is to make sure that you and your passengers are safe, take note of any injuries, and make sure that everyone is attended to as best as possible. Get yourself to a safe area if possible, but be sure to not move someone with a suspected spine or neck injury unless absolutely necessary. Contact the Fresno police department, or make sure that someone else does, so that emergency responders can be notified and you can get the professional attention that you need as soon as possible. 

Tending to your injuries should be your absolute top priority, whether you get emergency medical attention on the scene and take an ambulance, or if you see your doctor on your own after. If you believe that you have suffered injuries, which is highly likely following a rollover accident, then it is in your best interest to get treated immediately. You will likely be experiencing a significant adrenaline rush, which is well known to mask injury and pain for a short time, meaning that even if your initial reaction is to say that you are fine, you may be actually suffering significantly.

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