Fresno Car Accident Statistics 2022

Fresno County is known for its cultural diversity, agriculture, sunny days, and Instagram-worthy tule fog. Unfortunately, Fresno is also known for a higher-than-average amount of auto accidents that result in severe and fatal injuries. According to California state data, the number of motor vehicle and pedestrian accidents involved in deadly collisions is higher in Fresno than in other California cities. In 2016, there were approximately 2,807 motor vehicle accidents. Of these accidents, there were 65 bicycle accidents, 148 motorcycle accidents, 84 pedestrian accidents,  4,273 traumatic injuries, and 112 deaths. The risk of being involved in a serious Fresno car accident exists, so we caution you to drive alert and defensively. If you have been involved in a Fresno car accident, contact the Grossman Law Offices for a free consultation.

In a highly dense and populated urban environment, traffic accidents and traffic fatalities have unfortunately become a common occurrence. According to Dangerous by Design, how American roads are built is dangerous and ineffective due to older infrastructure, high speed, irresponsible drivers, and lack of alternative transportation. Pedestrians, cyclists, and motorcycle drivers are by far the most vulnerable in an accident, risking severe trauma injuries and even fatality. 

In the same study mentioned earlier, Fresno, CA, has been rated from 2016 to 2020 as the 10th most dangerous city in the USA. California entirely has been ranked as the 8th most dangerous state for pedestrians.

In 2021, after the California FY2021 Highway Safety Plan Annual Report was released, accident statistics showed serious injuries increased 13.56 percent from the 2014-2018 average of 13,270 to the 2016-2020 average of 15,070. The chances of getting into fatal crashes and serious injuries are increasing if you are a pedestrian, motorcycle driver, or cyclist. 

The risk of being involved in a serious Fresno car accident is very high, which is why you should drive alertly and with precaution. If you have been involved in a Fresno car accident, contact the Grossman Law Offices for a free consultation and tell us the details of your case.

Why Is Route 99 So Deadly?

Fresno county is home to one of the most infamous highways in the USA: Route 99. Due to the old infrastructure and high traffic, it is a dangerous place even for safe drivers. Despite popular belief, it is often crossed by pedestrians. In 2020, a tragic accident happened, where 12 pedestrians were hit, resulting in 10 victims injured and four dead. 

Due to the poor lighting and drunk drivers, Highway 99 had more fatal accidents per 100 miles than any other road in the country. Because of this, it was called the most dangerous route in the USA. The same outcomes were shown in a study by Value Penguin, first in 2018 and later in 2021, where most fatal collisions happened in Fresno after dark.


Most car accidents in the United States are caused by human error. Although some accidents are relatively minor, thousands of accidents result in deaths. Below find common causes of car accidents:

The number one reason for motor vehicle accidents in Fresno is drunk driving. In 2021, the state of California allocated grants to each county according to their traffic-related needs. DUI-related costs were the first after police patrol and medical services. In such a case, it is vital that you are aware of the risk you are putting yourself and others in. However, on a state scale, more than 50% of fatal collisions were caused by distracted drivers. About 35% of all car accidents in California are due to drunk driving. Long hours of traffic, combined with the high speeds of Highway 99, led to many unfortunate tragedies. Most crash data shows accidents are caused by reckless and irresponsible behavior, so do not let yourself suffer financially for a moment of distraction. Call a Fresco lawyer and learn about the possible repercussions of motor vehicle accidents or seek legal representation.


If you have been involved in an auto accident, remain calm and attend to the medical needs of anyone involved in the accident. If your condition permits, move your vehicle away from traffic to the nearest place of safety. Once you are in a safe place, contact the Department of California Highway Patrol or the police department where your crash occurred. While you are waiting for the CHP or police to arrive, exchange driver’s licenses, vehicle registrations, contacts, and insurance information of all parties involved. It is important to take pictures of all property damage and injuries. If possible, take pictures of all vehicles before they are moved, but only if you are in a safe place. Never accept responsibility! Gather contact information and statements from all witnesses. Write down the exact location of where the accident occurred and the details of the accident, such as the time of day, the traffic conditions, the weather, and anything that led up to the crash.

Accidents In At-Fault VS No-Fault States

The first thought that may go through your mind after an accident is if you could be liable for damages. Depending on the state, the medical and economic expenses will be taken care of through a no-fault law or an at-fault law.  In a no-fault state, each party will be covered through their PIP (Personal Injury Protection), regardless of who caused the collision. Accidents in Fresno will fall under California law, which is an at-fault state. The only exception to this is worker’s compensation insurance, which means even if the employee is at fault, they are still covered.

The main idea is that in such a state, the driver who caused a car crash is responsible for paying the other party for their losses, either through insurance or their own finances. If you manage to use your insurance, the property damage liability part of your contract will pay for the vehicle damages of the other party, and your bodily injury liability will take care of the medical expenses of those injured.

The costs can sometimes exceed your insurance coverage, in which case you will have to pay from your own funds. Working with an attorney will ensure you cover as many costs as possible and hold your insurance company responsible in case they attempt to deny your claims. 


After your accident, do not discuss your case with anyone except the police and a Fresno car accident lawyer. If you are contacted by an insurance company and asked to give a recorded statement, do not give them or anyone any information until you consult with an attorney. It is common practice for insurance companies to use statements against the personal injury victim. Insurance companies are skilled in placing blame on the accident victim and denying their insured was negligent. This is so they can pay out as little compensation as possible if any at all. An experienced Fresno car accident attorney will communicate with the insurance company and all third parties, so you are protected. Speak with a Fresno car accident attorney today.

Fresno County is a beautiful place to live and work, with notoriously sunny weather (on average, 300 sunny days a year!), the agricultural industry, and diverse culture making for a wonderful and exciting home. However, there are unfortunate downsides to these benefits, including the risks of car accidents in the area. In fact, California is the second-worst state in the United States for drunk driving-related crashes, with 1,069 alcohol-related fatalities in 2018, only second behind Texas with 1,439. While alcohol certainly plays a role in a significant amount of crashes across our country each year, these fatalities only make up a small sample of the car accidents and risks of California driving.

There were 3,563 car accident-related fatalities in California in total in 2018, according to a report by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Fifty-five of these accidents happened in Fresno county. Of the 3,563 fatalities, 35% were alcohol-related, while 65%, or 2,322 accidents, had no alcohol reported whatsoever. There were 17 fatal accidents involving alcohol in Fresno County in 2017. While no number of deaths is acceptable, these statistics are somewhat encouraging because they indicate alcohol is not a majority factor in fatal car accidents in California. 

In 2016, there were approximately 2,807 motor vehicle accidents. Of these accidents, there were 65 bicycle accidents, 148 motorcycle accidents, 84 pedestrian accidents,  4,273 traumatic injuries, and 112 deaths. 

In 2017, the NHTSA reported that 61 people were killed in Fresno car accidents. Of these, 23 were pedestrians, which is 37.7% of the total. This indicates a risk to pedestrians and people in motor vehicles, with car accident fatalities equating to 11.57 per 100,000 and pedestrian fatalities coming in at 4.36 pedestrian fatalities per 100,000.


After an accident, many issues will arise and must be handled immediately. However, dealing with doctors, a rental vehicle, repairs to your car, and communication with insurance companies can be overwhelming and extremely time-consuming. At the Grossman Law Offices, we handle all details of accident cases, so our clients can focus on their recovery. There is no cost to speak with a car accident attorney at Grossman Law Offices. Contact Grossman Law Offices to learn more about your potential claim and your right to recover compensation.


What should I do if the accident was my fault?

Even if you believe you were at fault for an accident, it is best to consult with your lawyer before giving any statements. Record your surroundings, the time, date, and weather conditions, and take photos of the damages if possible. However, do not speak with the other driver or insurance company before your attorney advises you.

Is California The Most Dangerous State When It Comes to Car Accidents?

In the U.S., the state with the most car accidents is South Carolina, with 1.97 traffic fatalities per 100 million vehicle miles traveled. Each year in California, about 200,000 accidents result in injury. In addition, California has nearly the highest number of drunk driving accidents in the U.S.