Speeding Accidents Fresno

In Fresno, speeding is one of the leading causes of car accidents. Whether someone is speeding to get home from work or rushing to get to an appointment on time, their actions have consequences. Often, driving too quickly causes speeding accidents in Fresno.

When speeding is the cause of an accident, the other driver should be held accountable. This could mean working with a car accident lawyer. With the help of the Grossman Law Offices, you may be able to seek compensation for your accident.

What Type of Accidents Occur Due to Speeding?

Speeding is never safe. No matter what a driver’s reasons may be for speeding, their actions make them liable for the accident. Here are some of the common accidents that occur as a result of speeding:

1. Rear End Accidents

The faster you go, the harder it is to stop. When someone is going over the speed limit, they can’t always react to the cars in front of them. Although they might notice the brake lights, they probably won’t be able to stop in time. There’s just not enough time to slow down. As a result, the driver rear-ends the car ahead of them.

When rear end accidents happen at high speeds, the chance for injury is great. There is potential for traumatic brain injury or spinal cord injury. Even if the victim survives, they could have a long-term disability.

2. T-Bone Accidents

While driving at fast speeds, people don’t usually notice stop signs and traffic lights. Unfortunately, this can be the cause of one of the most serious types of accident:a T-bone accident.

When a T-bone occurs, one driver hits another directly in its side. This can occur when a driver speeds through a red light and hits a turning vehicle. Because the collision is so direct, the effects are usually devastating.

3. Head-on-Collisions

Much like T-bone accidents, head-on-collisions tend to have grave consequences. They are also likely to be caused by speeding drivers.

If someone is speeding, they don’t have great control of their vehicle. The faster they go, the less control they have. Therefore, they are more likely to swerve out of their lane and into oncoming traffic.

4. Sideswipe Accidents

Some sideswipe accidents occur at low speeds and involve minor injuries. However, when a driver is speeding, a sideswipe accident can have serious implications.

Speeding drivers tend to be less aware of other vehicles. For this reason, they might change lanes without looking. As they move into another lane, they could hit the side of a vehicle traveling in that lane.

Likewise, they might not notice another vehicle switching into their lane. As the driver makes their way over, the speeding driver could continue to drive and hit the side of the other car.

Recovering From Speeding Accidents in Fresno

In 2017, there were 93 Fresno vehicles involved in fatal car accidents. There were many more non-fatal accidents. Speeding was the cause of some of those collisions.

Whether death or injury was the outcome of a speeding accident, the victims deserve justice. By filing a personal injury claim or a wrongful death claim against the at-fault driver, they could seek money for damages.

In the event of an injury, those damages include missed wages, lost potential earnings, medical bills and more. If the accident caused the death of a loved one, you could seek compensation for similar damages. However, you may also be able to recover additional damages.

If you have questions about your potential compensation, contact us at the Grossman Law Offices. We can discuss your options and take you through the process of filing a lawsuit. You may be able to relieve your financial burden and get justice.