Highway Car Accidents

While driving on the highway, we put our faith in the drivers around us in hopes that they will obey the speed limit and traffic laws that are intended to keep themselves and everyone else on the road safe. Sometimes, though, other drivers choose to act recklessly or negligently and can cause serious injuries and even death as a result of their failure to drive responsibly and in control of their vehicle. The biggest issues with highway car accidents are the speed of travel, as well as the high concentration of vehicles in parallel lanes all traveling at the same high speeds. These different factors can be a recipe for major problems.

If you have been involved in a car accident on the highway in or around Fresno, contact the team at Grossman Law Offices as soon as possible to learn about your options, as well as to discuss how we have handled other clients situations who have suffered similar accidents to the one you have just endured. We understand that no two accidents are alike, and we pride ourselves on taking a custom approach to each client we serve, but there are many common features of many accidents, meaning that we are familiar with most situations on the road and will be happy to use this experience to help you. 

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Causes of Highway Car Accidents

There are many different ways that a car accident can occur on the highway, but below are a few common things that lead to serious injury or even death on the California highways.

Distracted Driving

When people hear the term “distracted driving,” the first thing that usually comes to mind is texting and driving, and for good reason: more than 50% of California drivers have been involved in or come close to an accident with another driver who was using their cellphone. However, distracted driving can come in many forms such as playing with the radio, adjusting a GPS, or even letting attention drift and staring at something on the side of the highway. 

Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol or Other Drugs

In 2015, there were nearly 155,000 DUI arrests in the state of California, and no shortage of these arrests took place on major roads and highways. It is an unfortunate fact that so many people choose to drink too much and then decide to operate a motor vehicle, and in many cases, this decision results in a drunk driving accident with other law-abiding drivers.


Speed limits may seem restrictive, but they are posted in order to keep everyone on the road safe. In many cases, the speed limit that is posted was determined to be a safe speed for vehicles to operate given the road conditions, corners, and more. When someone chooses to speed, they are likely operating their vehicle in a way that requires heightened reflexes, superior equipment such as tires and stabilizers, and more (which they likely do not have). An animal crossing the highway, a car drifting out of their lane, or any other obstacle can cause the speeding driver to lose control of their vehicle and put everyone else at risk.

Weather Conditions

While snow might not be an issue on the Fresno roads, we still need to deal with rain, hail, high winds, fog, and other adverse conditions that create unsafe roadways that create control issues for drivers in all vehicles. When the road is slick from rain, driving at high speeds can lead to risks like hydroplaning, skidding, or being unable to come to a complete stop before colliding with another vehicle. In heavy rains, visibility can be severely impaired as well.

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