Text and Drive Car Accidents

Over the past few years, a new danger has made its way onto the roads: texting. As people have grown more dependent on their smartphones, text and drive car accidents have been increasingly common. The consequences of accidents can be devastating. Depending on the seriousness of your injuries, your life may never be the same.

Text and Driving Accidents in Fresno

But you don’t have to deal with the aftermath of your accident alone. The Grossman Law Offices has experience helping the victims of car accidents. With our assistance, you could seek money for your missed wages, medical bills, and non-economic damages.

The Facts About Texting Accidents

The National Safety Council estimated that at least 26% of crashes involve talking and texting on phones. Although it doesn’t take long to read a text, it’s long enough to distract your eyes from the road. In only a split second, you could lose control of your vehicle.

For that reason, texting and driving is a dangerous combination. In fact, it’s so dangerous that most states have laws against it. In California, it’s been illegal for quite some time. Since 2009, texting while driving has been against the law. Originally, a statute prohibited a driver from texting on any handheld device. However, the law has changed. Now, you cannot hold or operate a wireless device while you drive.

Drivers under the age of 18 have even more restrictions. They can’t speak through a device while driving, whether or not it is a hands-free device.

Why Is Texting so Dangerous?

Texting requires two types of actions. First, it requires your eyes to read the words and process them. Then, it requires your fingers to type your response. Either action is a major distraction. As you read the text, you take your eyes off the road. And as you write a text, you have at least one hand off the wheel.

Texting and driving on any road is dangerous. However, it can be particularly hazardous on a highway. When drivers are moving at high speeds, one wrong move can be a disaster. The high speed also makes it likely that a collision will be forceful. If any other vehicles are involved, they could have significant damage.

Therefore, texting and driving isn’t only a hazard to the driver. It’s also a danger to all of the other drivers on the road.

Negligence at its Worst

It’s no secret that texting and driving can cause accidents. Lately, there have been many campaigns against this form of distracted driving. A driver who is texting while at the wheel is well-aware of the dangers of their actions.

Because of that, texting while you drive is a form of negligence. By taking your focus off the road, you are engaging in a reckless action. If an accident occurs, you are liable in the eyes of the law. A victim of a car accident could file a personal injury claim against a driver who was texting.

The Consequences of Texting and Driving Accidents

When an accident occurs, there are two ways in which it can affect you. It can impact you in a financial way, and also in a non-economic way.

For instance, your finances could suffer because of your property damage or medical bills. Your car may be beyond repair, and your medical bills could start stacking up. A serious injury could force you to find a new career. Due to your permanent injuries, you may be unable to have the same earning potential as you did in the past. For many individuals, the financial strain is too much.

The non-economic effects can be even more significant. Your accident could cause emotional distress. In some cases, it causes mental health issues. There’s also the pain and suffering you experienced as a result of the injury.

Wrongful Death

Car Accident

Severe accidents can result in fatalities. There were 55 fatal accidents in Fresno during 2017. Although not all of them were caused by texting and driving, but it’s almost guaranteed that some were.

If your loved one was a victim of wrongful death, you may be able to seek compensation. You can file a claim against the negligent driver and seek damages for the medical expenses, funeral costs, and loss of companionship.

How Can An Attorney Help?

After your accident, you might have some questions. That’s where a lawyer can be useful. They can tell you more about the steps you should take to seek justice.

Oftentimes, the only justice comes in the form of a personal injury claim. The process is not quick, however, and it requires experience and knowledge of the California legal system. Your attorney can build a strong case for you and may be able to get you an appropriate settlement or jury award. If not, they can fight for you in court. You could receive the money you need to move forward and recover. Contact the Grossman Law Offices to learn more about how we can help.