Sideswipe Collisions

In California, one of the more devastating types of car accidents is sideswipe collisions. Typically, you can identify vehicles that have been involved in this type of accident by their dents and scrapes on one side of the car. In many cases, the accident victims experience injuries.

If you’ve been involved in a sideswipe accident, Grossman Law Offices can help you. Our firm has dedicated years of our time to assisting car crash victims with their claims for compensation.

What are Sideswipe Collisions?

These accidents occur when the sides of two vehicles connect with one another. They could be traveling in the same direction or in different directions. However, this collision requires the sides of both cars to come into contact. If the front of one vehicle hits the side of another, the accident is classified as a T-Bone. 

On many occasions, this type of crash occurs when one driver tries to change lanes. They may not look before changing lanes or another vehicle could be in their blind spot. As they make the switch, the side of their vehicle hits the side of the other.

In any case, this type of collision is usually caused by some type of negligence. Distracted driving, erratic driving, and driving while drowsy can all cause a sideswipe. 

Why Sideswipes Happen

Driving is always dangerous. In July 2018, there were 994,400 people in Fresno County. With so many drivers on Fresno roads, it should come as no surprise that there are thousands of accidents every year.

Those collisions happen for many reasons, but they all have a common thread. Driver error is responsible for the majority of crashes.

With sideswipes, those errors involve eating while driving, adjusting the radio, and doing make-up. Any type of distraction places you and the other people on the road in danger. All it takes is one split second for you to lose control of your vehicle and swerve into the adjacent lane.

Drunk drivers are also likely to cause sideswipes. Because alcohol impairs an individual’s vision and judgment, a driver might find it difficult to stay in their own lane. 

The Dangers of Sideswipe Accidents

Unlike a head-on collision or T-bone accident, a sideswipe is not a direct impact. That said, the consequences can be significant. It’s likely to cause vehicle damage that includes scratches, jammed doors, and alignment issues. 

If two vehicles are traveling at high speeds, the damage may be even more serious. Other vehicles could become involved in the crash. In some cases, sideswipes result in fatalities or permanent injuries. 

At times, the damage isn’t done by another vehicle, but an object. As a driver swerves to avoid being sideswiped, they could go off the road and end up hitting a sign, tree, or guardrail. 

Who’s to Blame for the Accident?

It can be challenging to assign blame for a sideswipe. This is due to the fact that it’s not always easy to find witnesses to the collision. On a highway, other drivers may not have seen what caused the accident. Without anyone to confirm your account of the crash, it could be difficult to place the blame on the other party’s shoulders. 

When you work with an experienced car accident lawyer, you get the guidance of a seasoned investigator. They will be able to investigate your accident and find evidence that corroborates your story. Depending on your situation, evidence might be in the form of expert testimony, video footage, or photographs of the scene. 

If you can’t prove the other party was liable for the crash, you could be left with a high deductible and more expensive insurance premiums. But if the other party was liable for the crash, you can go through their insurance. With a successful claim, you’ll get money for your car repairs, medical bills, and more.

Another option is to file a personal injury claim. When someone’s negligence causes an accident and injuries, they could be held accountable in a civil court. Whether the case is resolved with a settlement or in the courtroom, you might receive money for your pain and suffering, property damage, missed wages, and medical bills. 

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