Improperly Maintained Elevators and Escalators Accidents

Every year, billions of people ride escalators and elevators. And while you might not think twice about getting on one, an escalator or elevator can malfunction. This can result in serious injuries or death. 

There are several causes of escalator and elevator accidents, but one of the most common is poor maintenance. When improperly maintained elevators and escalators accidents happen, the victims can take legal action. A Fresno premise liability attorney can help you seek compensation for your accident. The Grossman Law Offices wants to represent you and guide you through the process.

The Facts About Elevator and Escalator Accidents

On average, only about 27 deaths occur each year on elevators. But there is a far greater number who are injured. Although deaths and injuries aren’t common, they still happen.

With elevators, door strikes can cause injuries. As someone is entering or exiting the elevator, a door closes on them and causes an injury. An accident caused by this is usually due to improper maintenance. The inspector might have cut corners, for instance, and fails to do a full inspection. At other times, the premises owner is responsible for the accident. If, for example, they failed to schedule an inspection, it could cause the door-strike accident. 

Another potential elevator issue is leveling. This occurs when the gap between the elevator floor and the landing floor is too large. As a result, an individual can trip as they enter or exit the elevator. Typically, the elevator floor should be no more than half an inch higher or lower than the floor. Once again, improper maintenance can be to blame for an accident. An inspection would detect the issue and require it to be fixed.

Finally, there’s entrapment. If an elevator is improperly maintained, it could stop and trap the people inside it. Someone might try to climb out of the elevator and onto a visible landing. However, this can also result in an injury. In fact, it can even be deadly. This is one of the most common causes of elevator deaths. 

Facts About Escalator Accidents

Similarly to the case with elevators, improperly maintained escalators can cause accidents.
Although the majority of escalator accidents result from misuse, improper maintenance can be a real problem. One of the most common examples of poor maintenance leading to an accident is a stalled handrail. If the handrail stops working while the stairs keep moving, it can pull a rider back and cause them to lose balance. They can fall down the escalator or over the edge of the railing.

The escalator itself could come to an abrupt stop. This might have the result of a loss of balance. One or multiple people can fall and suffer from serious injuries.

Taking Action Against the Responsible Party

Improper maintenance is a type of negligence. By failing to maintain their elevators or escalators, a property owner is also failing to keep you safe. This makes you eligible for filing a personal injury lawsuit.

To have a successful lawsuit, you must show you’ve suffered from one or more injuries. Those injuries can vary from lacerations to head trauma. Even minor injuries could make you eligible to file a lawsuit against the responsible party.

If your lawsuit is successful, you can receive money for your medical bills. If you will have any future medical bills, you can get compensation for those as well. You can recover damages for the wages you missed from being unable to work. Finally, you may receive money for your pain and suffering. 

To find out how much your case is worth, you should contact a Fresno unsafe premises attorney. They can listen to your story and tell you more about your chances at a successful lawsuit. Additionally, they can determine who is liable for your accident and whether or not you are partially to blame. If you do share some of the blame, you still have a chance at receiving compensation. However, it may be lower than the value you would receive if you were not partially at fault. 

Are Your One of the Victims of Improperly Maintained Elevators and Escalators Accidents?

There aren’t as many tall buildings in Fresno as some of California’s larger cities, but we still have plenty of escalators and elevators. Although buildings in the downtown area are limited to 15 stories, most of them have elevators and escalators. As they are constructed, these buildings will increase the number of elevators and escalators in the city.

If you or a loved one was a victim of an accident that was caused by improper maintenance, you should contact us at the Grossman Law Offices. We’re ready to stand up for you.