Hazardous Roadway Accidents

Road hazards are unsafe road conditions that could result in personal injury or damage to property. Grossman Law Offices helps victims and their families receive compensation for their injuries in hazardous roadway accidents.

What is a hazard accident?

A hazard accident is an unplanned, unfortunate incident on the road that causes personal injury, property damage, and in the most catastrophic cases, death. A hazard accident is different from other types of car accidents since the cause could be a precarious road condition or a dangerous road user. Some road hazard accidents, such as drunk driving, are preventable and you can anticipate other hazardous roadway accidents via traffic signs, such as signs warning that wild deer could cross a highway by a forested area.

What are common hazards on the road?

These are some of the most common causes of road hazard accidents in Visalia, CA.


Bicyclists have many of the same rights as drivers, and because they share the road with motorists, they must follow many of the same laws, such as obeying traffic lights or yielding to pedestrians. Unfortunately, accidents at T-junctions are common because of turning vehicles or turning bicyclists. It may be hard to see a bicyclist at dawn or dusk when visibility is lower unless they are using appropriate bicycle lights or reflectors. 

In order to avoid accidents with bicyclists, pay extra attention when you are in areas where it is common to see bikers, such as near public parks and in residential neighborhoods. Whenever you are at an intersection, look both ways for bicyclists and any crossing pedestrians.


People walking on sidewalks, the shoulder of the road, or crossing the street can be hazards to drivers who may be unable to see them. It can be difficult for drivers to see pedestrians at night, especially if they are wearing dark-colored clothing.

Large Vehicles

Commercial trucks and delivery trucks can cause road hazard accidents because they have a greater mass than smaller passenger vehicles and require more time and space to slow down or come to a sudden stop. Trucking companies that do not properly vet their drivers or mandate rest periods can sometimes be responsible for hazardous roadway accidents.


Animals large and small, from runaway dogs to large deer, are significant road hazards. Dawn and dusk are the most common times when a large, wild animal is likely to run into the street and possibly collide with a vehicle. When driving through heavily-forested areas, pay attention to animal-crossing signs, and turn on your high-beam lights when appropriate. Always obey the speed limit in residential areas so that you don’t risk hitting a small animal, such as a cat or a family’s dog that got loose.

Poor Weather

From high winds to icy patches to deep puddles, inclement weather can lead to dangerous road conditions. Snow, sleet, fog, and rain can all cause poor visibility and hazardous driving conditions. It is advised that drivers stay off the road until the weather conditions improve. If you must drive during inclement weather, however, then you should make sure your windshield wipers are in good condition and functioning properly. You should also maintain more distance between your vehicle and the one ahead of you in case you need more space to brake.

Construction Zones

Although most construction zones are clearly marked, lane closures can mean that traffic has to merge, leading to congestion. According to the Federal Highway Administration, 28,636 individuals lost their lives in work zone accidents between 1982 through 2019, which equates to about 774 fatalities per year.

Debris and Potholes

Occasionally, debris falls onto the road, and drivers have to swerve around it. Likewise, many drivers try to avoid potholes by changing lanes or going around them. If you see an obstacle on the road or a pothole up ahead, then you should slow down and check to see if there is sufficient room in either lane adjacent to yours that you can temporarily merge into to avoid the hazard.

Get The Legal Help You Deserve

You may be entitled to damages for the losses you suffered from a hazardous roadway accident, including compensation for pain and suffering. A personal injury attorney in your corner will fight for you to receive financial compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages, future lost earnings, and other expenses related to your recovery, such as medical devices or physical therapy.

In order to improve your odds of winning your case and reaching the settlement that you deserve, you should reach out to an attorney today. You deserve the exemplary service and level of personal attention to your case that a California personal injury attorney from Grossman Law Offices provides.