Slippery Floor Accident in Fresno

It’s not difficult to lose your balance and fall. It can happen for no reason, but it can also occur due to the negligence of another party. A property owner might fail to keep their premises safe for visitors, for instance. Commonly, this involves having a slippery floor. But their failure to clean the mess could make them liable for your accident. They have a duty to keep the grounds safe for visitors, workers, and other individuals. 

With an average income of $19,226, the typical Fresno resident cannot handle the financial strain of a slip and fall accident. The medical bills and missed wages that come from a slippery floor accident in Fresno could be enough to leave you deep in debt. Here at Grossman Law Offices, we can prevent you from being stuck in debt. A Fresno premises liability attorney can tell you more about getting compensation for your accident.

Causes of Slippery Floor Accidents in Fresno 

Typically, slippery floor accidents in Fresno are preventable. The incident occurs when a business owner or homeowner fails to clean up a liquid or other slippery substance. However, it can also happen when someone slips on water or another liquid on a boat. 

Negligence is a common theme with slippery floor accidents. All too often, an individual is aware that their floor is slippery. For instance, a store manager could hear about a spill on a certain aisle. In the heat of the moment, they could get busy and forget to send someone to clean the spill. By not putting up a sign or cleaning up the spill, they are responsible for any accidents that happen as a result of their negligence.

Other problems could result from a longer history of negligence. For instance, a store could have an entryway that floods regularly on rainy days. Although the owner is well-aware of the issue, they take no steps to fix it or warn patrons of the slippery condition. Once again, this makes them liable for an accident.

The same can happen in parking lots, at the entrances to stores, and on sidewalks. Although water is a common cause of slip and fall accidents, other liquids or substances can be to blame. For instance, cooking oil is very slick and can cause someone to fall in a grocery store.

Where They Happen

The location of your slippery floor accident could affect how you handle your case. If your accident happens in the workplace, you may need to go through your employer’s workman’s compensation. But that doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be compensated. In some cases, the insurance company or employer may be unwilling to give you fair compensation. Fortunately, you can work with a Fresno unsafe premises attorney to get money for your injuries and more.

If the injury occurs on someone’s personal property, you might feel guilty filing a claim against them. After all, you may not want to take money from a friend or family member. However, you shouldn’t let this stop you from taking legal action. Their homeowner’s insurance is often responsible for paying for your expenses.

There are also accidents that happen in places of business. These can be difficult to handle because a large business may have a powerful team of attorneys. By getting your own aggressive legal representation, you can take them on and seek compensation.

What Type of Compensation Can You Receive?

The type of compensation you receive depends on several factors. The more serious your injury, the higher your medical bills will be. A personal injury lawsuit against the negligent party could get you money for all of your medical expenses.

Whether or not you need future care also impacts your total damages. Your claim can get you money for future medical expenses and therapies. A serious injury with permanent effects will result in a higher claim value.

You can also get money for pain and suffering. For instance, you could be paid money for the emotional trauma that comes with a broken bone. The injury is painful and has a long recovery time. 

There are other damages you may be able to receive. However, you should speak to an attorney to find out what your claim is worth. Here at Grossman Law Offices, we’re ready to tell you about your options. Call us today and we can get started.