Construction Accidents Lawyer Fresno

Construction Accidents Lawyer Fresno

For years, the construction industry in Fresno has been booming. This has created a need for construction workers. But people aren’t clamoring to fill the positions, and one reason for this could be the dangers of the job. In fact, the construction industry is one of the most dangerous industries.

There are regulations in place to keep workers safe while on the job. However, not all employers adhere to the regulations. This places the employees and passers-by at risk. Often, the injuries associated with construction accidents are devastating. Receiving money for those injuries can be a daunting task. 

Grossman Law Offices has been advocating for construction accident victims for years. With a workers compensations lawyer in Fresno, you can take legal action and get the money you deserve.

The Facts About Construction Accidents

Annually, there are over 150,000 construction accident reports throughout the U.S. Those accidents range from minor to deadly. About 1,100 workers in the industry die in construction accidents each year. 

You might think that improved technology and safety equipment would make the construction industry safer than it was in the past. However, this isn’t true. In 2015, more workers in California died than the previous year. An increase in construction worker fatalities contributed to this trend.

Common Types of Accidents

There are many different ways in which construction workers can experience injuries. Most sites have similar dangers, like hazardous materials, uneven ground, and dangerous machines. All of the following are common causes of accidents on construction sites:

  • Scaffolding 
  • Falling
  • Trenching 
  • Crane use
  • Falling objects
  • Nail gun use
  • Compressed gas use
  • Defective machinery
  • Slip and falls
  • Chemical exposure
  • Welding
  • Electrocution
  • Transportation
  • Explosions

Injuries Associated with the Accidents

Construction Accidents Fresno

The type of injuries you suffer depends on the circumstances of your accident. While some injuries are minor and only require short-term care, others are severe and can be life-altering. For instance, lacerations and burns may not be serious. But they can be, and in the wrong spot may cause disfigurement.

Other common injuries include repetitive strain injuries, broken bones, chronic back pain, and amputation. A spinal cord injury could cause permanent paralysis, while a traumatic brain injury could result in permanent memory loss. 

At times, the injuries are so serious that the worker cannot recover. This is most often the case if a victim falls from a high area, is in an explosion, or is in a collapsing building.

Liability and Construction Accidents

When an accident occurs, it’s important to determine liability. This isn’t always obvious; there could be multiple parties to blame. On one construction site, there could be several construction companies. You may not be able to point the finger at one entity.

Even if your employer is not responsible for the accident, you can still file a worker’s compensation claim. In California, all construction companies must have no-fault insurance coverage. An employee does not need to blame their employer to receive benefits for the accident. Even if they have no evidence of negligence, the employee can have a successful claim. 

Accidents Involving Negligence

Worker’s compensation will only give you money for your lost wages, medical bills, and permanent disability. However, you could have other damages. To receive money for those damages, you need to take legal action.

If your employer or another party was negligent and caused your accident, you can file a personal injury lawsuit. You could file against an employer, contractor, manufacturer, or subcontractor. Unlike a worker’s compensation claim, a lawsuit does require evidence of negligence. You need proof that the defendant failed to maintain their duty of keeping you safe. 

Construction Accidents with Non-Workers

Construction workers aren’t the only ones who can be injured in a construction accident. In some cases, a non-worker experiences an injury. For instance, a pedestrian could be walking on a sidewalk when a falling hammer hits them on the head. An individual next to a construction site could be injured by an explosion. 

Non-workers also have a right to compensation. If you’re involved in this type of accident, you can file a lawsuit against the construction company. You need to prove that the company’s negligence was the reason for your injury. A construction accidents lawyer in Fresno could take on your case. Then, you may be able to receive money for your injuries and more. 

Working with a Construction Accidents Lawyer Fresno

Whether you are seeking worker’s compensation or damages through a personal injury claim, you need to act quickly. There are deadlines for filing. Immediately after your accident, you should report your injury and seek medical attention. You should also call your attorney.

Grossman Law Offices knows the devastation that comes with construction accident injuries in Fresno. If you or a loved one was hurt, you deserve financial compensation. The money you get can give you a better chance at a good recovery and can prevent debt. To get the process started, contact our firm.