Common Workplace Accidents Fresno

Every job has some hazards, but blue-collar jobs are particularly dangerous. And in Fresno, about 24.52 % of workers are employed in blue-collar industries. As a result, there are many workplace accidents. No matter what type of job you have, you could be a victim of a workplace accident.

There are laws to protect workers from on-the-job injuries. However, you may need to fight for your rights. A workers compensations lawyer in Fresno can stand up for you. With the help of Grossman Law Offices, you can receive money for your injuries and other accident expenses. Learn more about the common workplace accidents in Fresno and find out how an attorney can make all the difference in your case.

The Most Common Workplace Accidents in Fresno

Accidents happen in many ways. However, they all can have the same result — serious injury. If your employer is negligent, you could be a victim of any one of the following accidents:

Slip and Fall Accidents

Many workers in Fresno are victims of slip and fall accidents. In fact, it’s one of the leading causes of workers’ compensation claims in the United States. One reason for the frequency of this type of accident is the fact that it can happen anywhere. It could occur in an office, a construction site, or any other place of business. 

When a slip and fall occurs, there is a high potential for injury. Common injuries associated with this accident include sprained wrists, knee injuries, and fractured bones. 

Office-Related Accidents

Working in an office doesn’t preclude you from injury. In fact, an office can be full of hazards. You could trip over a wire, injure your back while lifting a heavy box, or receive a repetitive motion injury. 

Machine Accidents

Most frequently, machine accidents in Fresno occur on construction sites. And with a booming construction industry, the city sees its fair share of construction accidents. Every day, workers deal with heavy equipment and harmful materials. 

Crane, forklift, and scaffold accidents can happen and cause serious injuries. If crushed by a machine, a worker can suffer from a spinal cord injury or become an amputee. The injury can cause a lifetime of pain and suffering.

Falling Objects

Although this accident occurs most frequently at construction sites, it can happen anywhere. An object can fall from above and cause a brain injury. Even a minor brain injury can impact your life. If it’s a traumatic brain injury, you may suffer from permanent side effects.

A construction accidents lawyer in Fresno can handle your accident. They can advise you on the steps you can take to receive compensation. Then, they can take on your case.

Car Accidents

Most people don’t think of a car accident as a work-related accident. However, if driving a work vehicle, an accident can be a workplace accident. 

In Fresno, driving is particularly dangerous. Every time you get on the road, there are distracted drivers, drunk drivers, and speeding drivers. Their lack of care puts you in danger.

If you’re driving a work vehicle and are involved in an accident, car insurance could cover the cost of your injuries. However, there are policy limits. Those limits may not cover the full extent of the damage. You may need an attorney to receive the money you need to recover from the accident.

Hospital Accidents

There are several hospitals in the Fresno area, which means there are many hospital workers. So it should come as no surprise that hospital accidents are common. In addition to dealing with the same dangers as many other professions, they have even more hazards.

For instance, they could become sick from their patients. If the hospital does not have the proper training or safety measures in place, a workers illness could be the fault of the hospital. Another potential danger comes from lifting patients. Back and neck injuries are not uncommon in the medical field.

The Complexities of Workplace Accidents

If you are involved in a workplace accident in Fresno, you have a right to workers’ compensation or disability benefits. Unfortunately, the process is difficult. Most victims need to fight for their benefits. 

The application process can be confusing, and one small mistake can result in you losing your right to benefits. Even if you do everything right, you could face resistance. Some insurance companies fail to pay out valid claims.

With an attorney by your side, you can improve your chances at a successful workers’ compensation claim. In addition to filing your claim, an attorney can tell you about other options for compensation. If you have a case for a lawsuit, they can represent you in court. 

Grossman Law Offices knows a workplace accident can change your life. The victims often struggle to make ends meet and are left to deal with daily pain. If you want compensation for your injury, you should contact us. We will use our skills and resources to fight for your benefits.