Knee Injury Lawyer Fresno

You’ve probably heard news stories about athletes sustaining career-destroying knee injuries. However, anyone can experience an accidental knee injury, and many people suffer knee injuries as a result of negligence. For instance, car accidents, slip and falls, and construction site accidents can all cause damage to the knee.

Knee Injury Fresno

The effects of the injury can vary greatly. At times, the injury is only a minor setback. However, it can also be a long-term inconvenience. To fully recover, you may need surgery and rehabilitation. The costs of the injury tend to add up quickly.

But you might not be the one responsible for paying those costs. Victims of personal injury can file claims against the responsible parties. With the help of the Grossman Law Offices, you may be able to recover the money you need for your medical expenses and more.

How Do Knee Injuries Happen?

“Knee injury” is a catchall is a term used to refer to many different injuries that can affect your knee. Often, symptoms of knee injuries include joint pain, instability while walking, a sliding kneecap, grinding and popping sounds from the joint, and pain. The symptoms occur because there is some type of damage to the knee joint.

For some people, the injury is caused by damage that occurs over time. Years of wear and tear on your joints can take a toll on your body. But there can be other causes for the injury. Often, an accident damages the joint. In car accidents, victims can hit their knees on the dashboard. The impact could be enough to leave you with an injury. With 1,041 individuals killed or injured in car accidents in Fresno in 2016, knee injuries in car accidents are somewhat common.

In slip and fall accidents, a twisting motion could damage the ligaments in your knee. The force of hitting the ground could also do damage.

Treating a Knee Injury

If you experience a knee injury, you should immediately get medical attention. By waiting to see a doctor, you could do more harm to your knee. You also hurt your chances at receiving compensation for your injury.

Knee injuries don’t usually show up on x-rays. Because x-rays only show breaks or fractures, a torn ligament or related injury does not appear on the image. Your doctor may recommend an MRI and other tools to diagnose the problem. Often, you will work with an orthopedic surgeon.

Once your doctor diagnoses the problem, there are several possible treatments. The type of treatment depends on your injury. For example, a sprain could require immobilization, medication, and rehabilitation. But a knee fracture or ACL tear could require surgery. After the surgery, you are likely to need rehabilitation to recover the full range of motion in your knee.

The Cost of Your Injury

When most people think of the cost of an injury, they think of the financial cost. And while surgery, doctor visits, and medications are expensive, there’s another cost. There’s also an emotional toll. Your injury could keep you from doing what you love.

In some cases, it could keep you from work. This can affect your life in many ways. Fortunately, you may be able to find help with the high cost of your injury. An attorney could help you seek damages for your injury.

What to Do After Your Injury

After you see a doctor, there’s another important step in your recovery. You should immediately contact an attorney. If your injury was caused by negligence, a lawyer can help you file a personal injury claim against the negligent party.

You should keep a good record of all of your accident-related expenses. Additionally, you should track your symptoms and the way in which your symptoms affect your life. Documenting everything could help you with your case.

The Grossman Law Offices has experience dealing with knee injuries and personal injury claims. If you call us, we can tell you more about your options for compensation. Contact us today to learn more.