Accidents Caused by Truck Driver Fatigue

Driving while fatigued is a very real, and very significant risk for all drivers, but it is much more common for commercial drivers since their livelihood depends on driving. We have all been tired at work before, and truck drivers are no different. However, a truck driver puts all other drivers on the road at a significantly higher risk of serious injury or death when they are operating their vehicle while they are exhausted, simply because of the size difference between a commercial truck and a passenger vehicle. It is for this reason, among many others, that commercial drivers are held to a higher standard than passenger drivers, and are issued specialty licenses and required to keep extensive documentation pertaining to their travels.

In addition to stricter licensing requirements, truck drivers are limited to the number of hours that they are able to drive in a day or week by federal law. These restrictions are another safety measure to ensure that truck drivers are operating within reasonable guidelines to avoid catastrophe on the roads of the United States. As a result of these additional regulations, there is, unsurprisingly, a lot more paperwork and information required in order to file a claim against a truck driver’s insurance company following an accident.

That is where the team at Grossman Law Offices comes in — we will help you through every step of the process, starting with the initial conversation with the insurance company and all the way through to the final decision that a judge makes about your lawsuit if we must take our fight to the California courts. Contact us now for a free consultation, and read more below about how accidents with fatigued truck drivers in California may be handled.

Commercial Truckers Insurance Companies Are Extremely Complicated

Truck Driver Fatigue

As you can imagine, a truck driver is required to carry much more insurance than a passenger vehicle driver because of the increased possibility of causing injury or death to all those around them, as well as the material value of the goods that they are transporting and the fact that they are on the road for 40+ hours each week. They are required to keep meticulous records regarding their times and distances traveled, the weight of their cargo, and more.

These records are a great way to ensure that truck driver and their employers are held accountable for the work they are performing, and ultimately may give a victim in a truck accident many more options when seeking personal injury damages. However, the additional documentation can also complicate the claims process significantly, and overwhelm someone who is not familiar with these processes. If you are working with Grossman Law Offices, one of our top priorities is to reduce your stress so that you can focus on recovery while we fight for you.

Determining Your Damages After an Accident With a Fatigued Driver

There are a lot of different variables that we will need to consider in order to determine how much you are rightfully owed following your accident, and these variables go beyond simply getting repayment for any medical bills that you may have incurred. Each accident is unique, and each victim’s financial situation is unique as well, meaning that we work directly with each of our clients in order to develop a specific amount of money that we will be seeking for them using a strategy that is specific to their accident.

In order to get a better understanding of how we will work with you to get you the money you deserve, contact us now for your free initial consultation. You will be able to speak with a professional about the injuries that you have sustained, the situation that caused your injuries, as well as learn about how we will work with you — as we have with many successful cases in the past — towards the best possible outcome given your situation.